This website originated as a loving gift from a child. It was intended to help a mother fulfill her little known yet life long dream.

Through out a life spent on fulfilling the different duties of a mother it was not until retirement was she able to resume the pursuit of this dream. Fortune smiled upon her as she not only crossed paths with the famous painter, Hu Kai Ping, but was also able to gain his guidance, and instruction. Under his care and direction, she was able to study a wide range of painting styles and learn the many aspects of creating art.

Much of her driving force and inspiration was derived from another wish. Coincidentally, and a little to her surprise, many of her fellow artists were driven by that same wish. That wish was to give back to charity.

It is this common wish that binds together this group of artists. Their goal and wish is to be able to contribute their efforts and talents and create an environment of love and care and promote hope to those that need it most.

All of the artworks found here are treasured pieces of their creators. They are showcases of their unique talents, styles and expressions of their thoughts and feelings. These were all originally destined for their own private collections and not to be release publicly. However, to further their common wish, they have decided to release these pieces and allow art lovers a chance to help with their goal.

With the united help of artist and art lovers alike, let us all fulfill this wish and keep the dream alive.

Oil Paintings

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